New Home Maintenance for Spring, prepare!

When there’s a need for home maintenance for a new home owner in Arizona, preparation is key when it comes to recurring services such as roof repairs, installations, and replacements. Some other key elements are landscaping, pool services and care, and most of all pest control. Most of these home maintenance elements come in a form of consulting with the experts first. The main reason is because there’s ways that a home owner can prepare for a new season, Spring has sprung!


With weather shifts, grounds shifts, and trees changing colors, such as the fall/winter seasons. Now, we should expect beautiful colorful flowers blooming, and various animals waking up and exploring around the new premise. It seems like in Spring, there’s plenty of live action around a house, especially when it’s new. Every new homeowner will need to make sure they have the preparation list ready so as to begin the process of making your new home season-ready.

Consultation with experts

When you go to the experts, at least you can say you received the best advice because of the value they have on the subject matter. The best advice is expert advice. Let’s give a perfect example on an issue that can arise if your family is on vacation. First of all, if you are unprepared when leaving your new home, you can come back to a home with water sprouting out from the kitchen sinks because of busted water pipes. Some other incidents which have happened all too often are coming back to a home with a busted water heater or a toilet bowl overfilled. With that said, keeping a new house maintained while you’re out of it, whether you go out of town or to a nearby store, be prepared for the worst, although, “hope for the best,” when you return to your home.

The check list for changing of the seasons: hello, Spring!

Once spring has sprung, take some time to give your home a check-up along with The spring cleaning bug has begun and the best way to begin or continue is with these home maintenance tasks and tips. Getting into a spring cleaning operation for your house will eventually make life a little easier as the year goes on, plus your home will operate more efficiently.

AC check: When checking the air condition unit, a qualified HVAC contractor should be the one to inspect it. First of all, they belong to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America organization which will also give you a little education. He’ll check to see if your manufactured system is running properly. They’ll give you some friendly and important advice in keeping that electrical bill lower. The AC unit’s drain hose can get easily clogged and can form algae and other sediments in it. Individuals with no AC experience can actually check it themselves. One way to do this is to use a “wet vac” in order to clear any blockages.

lawnRoofs and gutters: During the summer heat, your roof may need some repatching, repairing and even redone! Getting on top of the roof may be easy for some, but not all can get up there. Hire a roof inspector who is known in the industry in your city. Make sure they have references before you have someone get up there. If you have a friend, and they don’t mind getting on the roof to look at how it is since winter came and went, weather in Arizona was sort of patchy itself. Most of the time, with wind and rain, gutters and roofs tend to end up with a bunch of miscellaneous type things, plastic bottles, leaves, branches, trash,…debris, dirt, and mud…to name a few. You can have these cleared by cleaning out the gutters and downspouts. You can safely secure loose gutters and reattach them. As a home owner, checking everything should be a motive for you to do this annually. Consequently, making sure that the “downspouts” are all positioned the correct way. In other words, make sure they are positioned away from the home.

Inspect foundation: Inspecting the foundation is one of the first things any contractor will have to do when working on a home. Whether it’s new or not, the foundation should have flood protection. If you inspect it, this includes around the house too, find out where the cracks are and seal them. Before all that Spring rain, this is a wise home maintenance decision because fore the spring rains. Inspect the foundation around your house, and seal cracks or imperfections. Another thing to do is inspect the yard and see where the water collects in certain spots. This is normally due to ground shifting. You can fill them up with sand, soil or dirt. They’re better known as ‘ponding’ areas near your yard. The low areas are the concern. Before the heavy down pours, filling them up should be taking seriously. They can also attract mosquitos because of the puddles laying there for days.

Water heater: The average lifespan of any water heater is approximately 8-12 years. Check at the bottom of the water heater to see any leaks, where rust can buildup. Normally, a home owner wants to do this every 3 months if the water heater is older than 5 year old. If found that it’s leaking or there’s rust, replace it.